Hello, I’m Ed. –     I’ve loved Sports ever since I was a kid in Upstate NY. So it’s logical that the thing I was most obsessed about would also become a dominant theme of my Art. Now living in PHX, there’s no shortage of different sports to keep you interested. I have 2 grown kids (Jessica, who skates with the AZ Roller Derby and Eddie, a rabid Soccer fan) and a beautiful wife, Dana, who is the love of my life. –     The person who enjoys my Artwork has never uttered the phrase “It’s just a game.” My Art is for the person who not only owns his/her team’s replica jersey, but actually WEARS it… even if they’re home watching the game alone. –     If you’re like me, Sports have become footnotes in the timeline of your life. –  I remember watching the NEW YORK METS win the 1969 World Series… the beginning of a love affair with the “Amazin’s” that continues to this day. I was 8. –  I remember drinking Yukon Jack with roommates in the dorm of Tower 2 at SUNY Buffalo, watching the US Hockey team’s “Miracle on Ice” in the Olympics. I was 20. –  I remember 9-11… the loss, anger and confusion. I also remember the Diamondbacks and Yankees… and how it helped the Nation start to heal… to feel that things just might be OK again. I could go on and on… (check out my entire blog post “Is it really “Just a Game”) –     The love of Sport is a reflection of who we are and where we came from. That’s why I draw Sports… to try to celebrate the importance of these heroes in our lives. If you’re a person who footnotes events of their life with sports memories and athletes, then you’re my kind of person, and my Art is for YOU. That feeling of melancholy, joy, pride… the way the remembered emotion transports you back to that time… that’s what I try to capture with my Art. Hopefully, when you look at some of my work, it helps you do the same.
–     I’d love for you to poke around here on my site. Check out the galleries, take a look at a Blog post or two and get to know me… if you’re so compelled, purchase & take something home. But either way, do me a favor, drop me a note, make a comment, sign up for my newsletter, give me some feedback. How else will I know you came by…? Hope to hear from you soon and remember… It’s not “just a game”. Best Regards, -Ed

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